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From Antonino Borgese, Allen Park Condominium Board Member
Washington DC:

“I am writing this letter on behalf of the Board and residents of the Allen Park Condominium to recommend A-Pro Renovation as a company that has performed at the highest levels of quality and professionalism.

A-Pro Renovation completed a major interior renovation of our building’s public spaces (corridors, entry lobby, stairwells, etc.) encompassing the removal and replacement of all finishes (carpeting, tiling, wall coverings and painting) and light fixtures, as well as many other tasks and responsibilities.

A-Pro Renovation completed their scope of work within the agreed upon time and on budget. They provided a work plan schedule in advance of their commencing work and would notify us of any changes to the project schedule so the residents were always up to date on any adjustments. Throughout the renovation they were neat and clean and did the utmost to ensure that the Allen Park residents were not unduly disturbed by their work or equipment. A-Pro’s employees were all courteous, well-mannered and meticulous.

William Mathis and Johanne Cote were great allies in helping us complete what was a very stressful undertaking for our building. They did everything they could to make the experience as smooth and comfortable as possible. They were responsive, responsible and exhibited great patience during our renovation process, very important qualities when dealing with a Board trying to manage the schedules and expectations of forty different owners under one roof. Throughout the renovation, we felt that we were in good hands and had selected the right contractor – A-Pro Renovation proved to be a partner that had our best interest at heart.”

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